Looking for the best time to travel to Fiji? Don’t need to search for the best time especially when it’s the plan to visit Fiji. With the elegantly designed resorts, shiny sand, sultry weather, deep oceans, and exciting activities, this place is always ready for families, couples and even for a solo visit. An impressive […]
Legend of Suva Scenic Tour
An experience of endless and crystal-clear water and breath-taking beauty of nature with the perk of flora-fauna is hard to describe in words. Without any doubt, Fiji is the best travel destination for travellers.  The finest form of culture and the unique flavour of this place give you an experience of a lifetime. If you […]
Care Fiji
Fiji will reopen as one of the world’s safest tourism destinations. Nearly every hotel and tour operator in Fiji is following Care Fiji Commitment protocols and Fiji Airways has achieved the highest possible COVID-19 Safety Rating with their Travel Ready program.  As of mid-October, 85% of adults in Fiji are now fully vaccinated, allowing us to be able to now welcome […]
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Exuding tropical romance from every palm-fringed, sun-kissed beach across 300-odd islands, there are countless ways to relish romantic Fiji with your loved one. Here are ten ideas to get you started. 1. Picnic on a Private Island Enjoy some delicious Fijian treats on a private island with your love in paradise! Escape to an exclusive-use […]
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Can you imagine all the interesting nature and wildlife that can be taken in on a walking tour around Fiji? If no, then make plans to experience Fiji-life, there is no better way.  All you need for an amazing walking tour is just 5 to 6 hours and a small group to go roaming around […]
You will definitely find a number of islands in Fiji for a magical escape and someplace to tie a knot privately. Fiji Islands are packed with beautiful beaches, stunning islands, white sand lands, Jungle Rivers, and adventurous destinations to preserve your desire and passion. If you are looking for a family getaway or any passionate […]