Which months are best to travel to Fiji?

Looking for the best time to travel to Fiji? Don’t need to search for the best time especially when it’s the plan to visit Fiji. With the elegantly designed resorts, shiny sand, sultry weather, deep oceans, and exciting activities, this place is always ready for families, couples and even for a solo visit. An impressive and gorgeous tropical island in Fiji amazingly serves you for 12 months of the year. But yes, few things need your consideration. You might be looking for the best time to avoid school vacations, or might be searching for exclusive packages, or preferring the best time to beat the crowd – there could be any situation you may encounter with. So here a guide for you to suit yourself and find the best month to visit Fiji.

Best Months for Vacations Packages 

Vacations want upgraded facilities, free deals, pleasant weather and whatnot. One can enjoy the vacation with amazing deals and with less crowded experience in February and March. If you are searching for exclusive resorts for a stay and enjoyment at own private island at an affordable rate, so the trip in the months from February – March is going to be worthy for you. 

Fiji has a wet season in November till March – ideally best months for romantic souls. Unlike the hottest months, the adventures of Fiji offer more peaceful trip in November-March season. You can avail the perks of this season in the form of good deals, fewer crowd and relaxation.  

Best Months for Families and Kids 

Apart from relaxing and calm season, you might be looking for the best season to enjoy Fiji trip with your family. Oh yes, vacations in Fiji is not only for couples and calm souls, but this appealing and attractive place also has fun for families too. You can visit Fiji’s legendary kids’ club in December and January. Why wasting our vacations and not travelling? The frenzied season of June-September is the bonus season for you and your kids. Without any pressure of study and school, these months are ideal for a family vacation and a trip to Fiji. 

Best Months for Nature Lovers

If you are a nature lover and want to experience biking and hiking in the mountains, travel and plan a trip in November-January to Fiji. The cool temperature and somewhat winter season is the perfect time for you for hiking and biking. The chilling breeze, dark air, cloudy weather, and crystalline rock enhance the beauty of the Fiji Islands.

Best Months for Adventures 

Fiji is one of the places having an ideal tropical climate all year round where the deep oceans of Fiji are known for diving. So, how can it be possible for one not to enjoy diving while travelling to Fiji? Yet, the best month to experience diving in Fiji is when the water is neither too cold nor too warm. Apparently, the season June-October offers the required water temperature in Fiji, it will duplicate your enjoyment and adventure with visibility of coral and sea life. 

Don’t forget to enjoy surfing while holiday travelling to Fiji. Surfing lovers must visit Fiji in winters season and summers- two surfing seasons. April-October is the season to enjoy surfing spots like Namotu Island, Natadola Beach and Hideaway Coast. For surfing lovers, Surfing is all about the riding waves. Think sensibly before travelling to Fiji for surfing as between November and March, island and coast of Fiji create tremendous waves to enjoy. Whenever, seeking for best month or time to visit Fiji, always travel when it’s less busy and less crowded. You will get a high essence of enjoyment and pleasure.