Top 5 Islands of Fiji

You will definitely find a number of islands in Fiji for a magical escape and someplace to tie a knot privately. Fiji Islands are packed with beautiful beaches, stunning islands, white sand lands, Jungle Rivers, and adventurous destinations to preserve your desire and passion. If you are looking for a family getaway or any passionate adventure, there isn’t any better option than Fiji Islands.

Here are the five top most visited Islands of Fiji that are considered as earthy paradise by travellers. Have a look!

1. The Mamanuca Islands

The Mamanuca Island is going to amaze you with its white shiny sand, dazzling beach, and sparkling sunlight. The magnificent Island of Fiji is a popular place for tourists. The clear water, coral reefs, and tropical beauty enhance the worth of this island in Fiji. You will definitely enjoy the short boat ride from Mamanuca Island to the surface flocks. Tourists found paradise in this island, meanwhile, families and couples visit there for island parties. You cannot blink your eyes from the beauty of the island if you visited the island in cloudy weather. Amazingly, you can also get reliable accommodation in villas of the Mamanuca Islands. Some of the villas from the top list include Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Tokoriki Island Resort, and Vomo Island Resort.

2. Yasawas Island

If you are looking for a glorious island in Fiji with the perk of beauty and adventure, then Yasawas Island will be the best option for you. Yasawas Island is famous for its clear dark water and dazzling reefs that attract tourists. You know what, the film Blue Lagoon was filmed here in Fiji in the year 1980. Yes, Yasawas Island is less developed more remote than nearby places but compete with equal beauty and elegance. Travellers found diverse options there; despite the fact that there were few villages having population.  This tropical beauty of this island enhances by adventurous activities like manta rays, swimming, kayaking, and exploring the caves. You can also find luxury resorts there for your peace of mind such as Yasawas Island resort, turtle Island Resort, and Paradise Cove Resort.

3. Wakaya Island

If you are looking for private islands with a touch of natural features, you need to go for Wakaya Island. The trip to Wakaya Island insists one to mark a to-do-list for exploring tropical hardwoods, Italian linens, rocks ignited with lava and white sand beach. Looking for a wonderful travelling experience? Wakaya Island should be your next destination in Fiji.

4. Vanua Levu

You will definitely have lost in the beauty of Vanua Levu island- the most popular destination and second-largest island to travel. The waterfalls, traditional villages, hike jungle-clad mountain are the panoramic lookout of this island. When the waterfalls down the waterfalls, the thread of water shines in the sunlight and intensify the beauty of the island. If you are a diving lover and fond of snorkelling, so this place is for you. You can find the best dive locations here such as Namena Marine Reserve, and Rainbow Reef. You will meet with stunning landscapes and experience phenomenal fishing by visiting the prehistoric island of Fiji.

5. Taveuni Island

Taveuni Island – the home for more than 1,198 species including hard coral and reef fish. Just imagine the experience of water diving with exotic fishes, mammals, giant clams, turtles and crystal water. WOW! It’s nearly inexpressible. But yes, you can explore the most authentic and beautiful side of Fiji island by travelling to Taveuni Island. An amazing fact that amplify the beauty of this Island is the Bouma National Park. The green forest and frequent waterfall make the Island famous as Garden Isle. Alongside, the tropical blooms, chirping sound of birds, and vision of white crystal beach gratify to intensify you to intensify your experience.

You can also find other spectacular Islands in Fiji for an inclusive experience.