Is Fiji open for Tourist?

  • Fiji will say ‘BULA!’ to visitors arriving at the Nadi International Airport from 1st December 2021. Fiji is quarantine-free for tourists! The vast majority of the time you’ll have in Fiji will be fun, relaxing, adventurous and full of our famous Bula spirit. But there are some things you need to be aware of, in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.Now that local vaccination rates have surpassed 85% of our adult population, Fiji can safely welcome fully vaccinated visitors from Travel Partner countries back to our shores. Currently Fiji recognises Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson.Apart from the required tests and documents needed to board their flights, all travellers to Fiji must have an minimum 3 night accommodation booking at a Care Fiji Commitment certified property (eg your resort, boat, island or hotel), and will also be required to undertake a mandatory Rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test 48 hours after their arrival at their hotel, activate the careFIJI contact tracing app and avoid travel to communities in low vaccination areas.During this first 48 hours, you are certainly free to enjoy Fiji – we only ask that you use Care Fiji Commitment operators and tourism experiences, checkin using QR codes and provide proof of vaccination to stay as safe as possible.Entry lanes and requirements for visitors to Fiji from 1st December differ by where they fly from. 

    Visitors from Travel Partner Countries

    All visitors (tourists, business travellers and returning residents) who travel to Fiji from 1st December can enjoy a quarantine free trip provided they show proof of booking with a CFC accommodation for their first 3 nights in Fiji.  

    They should only engage with Care Fiji Commitment (CFC) resorts, tours and experiences throughout their stay. Other testing and vaccination requirements must also be met.  

    If you test negative for the 48-hour rapid antigen test, you’ll be free to check out of your certified CFC resort after 3 nights and find alternative accommodation options.  But we highly recommend avoiding low vaccination areas and staying in a CFC certified property as they are 100% vaccinated and trained in WHO-approved health and safety protocols. Don’t worry – most of our major tourism properties and experiences have all gone through the protocols and checklists to be CFC approved or certified!  

    Visitors from Non-Travel Partner Countries.

    Those who travel here directly from non-Travel Partner countries are required to stay at a Managed Hotel Quarantine Facility for 10 days.   

    Alternatively, if you transit and stay in a Travel Partner country for 10 days immediately prior to your Fiji trip, you can enter Fiji with a confirmed 3-night stay at a CFC certified resort.  You’ll then be able to enjoy the same travel freedoms as those from Travel Partner countries.  Other entry requirements remain the same ie, you should show proof of full vaccination from a Fiji recognized vaccine and fulfill all testing requirements prior to travel. 

    Find more details regarding these requirements on this page.   

Who are Fiji's Travel Partners?

  • Initially, Fiji will offer quarantine free travel to fully vaccinated tourists from Travel Partner countries who come here to holiday at a resort Currently, our Travel Partners are Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, New Caledonia, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, French Polynesia, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu.This list is being regularly reviewed and updated, so please continue to check back here regularly. Countries not listed above are considered non-travel partners at this stage.

What is Fiji's Vaccination Rate?

  • Over 85% of Fiji’s eligible adult population (aged 15+) are fully vaccinated. Fiji has one of the highest vaccination rates/populations in the world for tourism destinations. Thanks to assistance from the COVAX Facility, WHO and government partners like Australia, New Zealand, India and the USA, we’ve accessed enough Astra-Zeneca, Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to protect our people.   A separate Moderna vaccination program for children is also now taking place. Owing to the high level of fully vaccinated locals, Fiji is able to safely welcome visitors back from 1st December, 2021. 

Is it safe to Travel to Fiji? what measures do you have in place?

  • Yes it is. Of course, like with all travel, there are risks. But be assured that Fiji has done everything in our power to keep you safe while you enjoy your visit to our beautiful Island nation. Aside from nationwide vaccinations, our aviation and tourism industries have adopted COVID-safe protocols across their businesses in preparation for reopening our international borders and safely welcoming you back to our shores.

    Fiji Airways Travel Ready Program

    Fiji Airways – our national airline – has a Travel Ready program to safeguard your health and safety throughout your flying experience. 

    Fiji Airways has been awarded the Diamond certification, the highest standard for travel safeguards in a COVID-19 world by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) and SimpliFlying. The ‘Diamond’ rating is the highest attainable rating in the audit conducted by APEX Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying and offered only to airlines that provide hospital-grade health safety measures. 

    Fiji Airways was also recently awarded the SKYTRAX 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating – the global benchmark for evaluating COVID-19 safe travel. Currently, only six airlines worldwide have achieved this top recognition.  Read More.


    Fiji Airports ACI Accreditation

    In late 2020, the Nadi International Airport became the first airport in the South Pacific to be awarded the Airports Council International’s (ACI) Airport Health Accreditation for its Travel Safe program. 

    The Travel Safe program prioritises the health and safety of arriving and departing passengers through the application of industry best practice standards relating to cleaning and disinfection, physical distancing, staff protection, physical layout, passenger communications and facilities. 

    The Nadi International Airport has been working diligently behind the scenes to evolve its systems and processes in readiness for the resumption of air travel. The award is a testament to the continuous efforts to achieve and maintain high standards of health and hygiene. Read More.

    Fiji Tourism Industry – Care Fiji Commitment

    To align to new safe travel norms, the Fijian tourism industry has adopted the Care Fiji Commitment (CFC); a WHO-approved standard of best-practice health and safety measures. These industry-wide standards apply to accommodation, activity operators and transfers and include the appointment of Wellness Ambassadors to ensure that COVID-safe protocols are managed, monitored and staff trained across their business. All Care Fiji certified and approved businesses are 100% vaccinated, and the good news is – most of our major tourism properties and operators are all certified or approved!

    The CFC provides the highest standard of health and safety to our visitors. This includes access to isolation facilities and medical care such as testing, routine staff swabbing, escalation protocols in the event of positive cases by private medical practitioners affiliated with the property. 

    The World Travel and Tourism Council has also declared Fiji as a ‘Safe Travels’ destination in recognition of this rigorous program so when you book with a CFC operator, you’re also choosing safe travel and peace of mind. Read More.

What are the travel requirements for tourist entering Fiji from 1st of December

  • Documented Proof:

    • – Are from or have stayed in a Travel Partner country for at least 10 days before travel.  
    • – If 12 years or older, take a RT-PCR test 3 days  prior to travel and test negative. 
    • – Have a confirmed 3-night booking with a CFC accommodation before boarding your flight. 
    • – Travellers entering Fiji must have medical travel insurance, with international coverage that covers COVID-19 before travelling. 


    • – If 18 years or older, be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before travel. 
    • – Currently Fiji recognises Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson. 
    • – Provide a digital vaccination certificate to certify that you are fully vaccinated. 

    Care Fiji Committed Accommodation & In-country travel

    • – Book CFC- certified accommodation for the duration of your stay.  
    • – Take a Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic Test 48 hrs after arrival
    • – Within this 48-hour timeframe, you are free to move around Fiji quarantine-free! Guests may enjoy full use of their hotel facilities, tourism experiences and restaurants, as well as transit to a CFC-certified hotel on another island, take a daytrip or book an adventure as long as they all are CFC approved – which means they will ask for QR code checkins and proof of vaccination.    
    • – You are able to stay overnight in Nadi if your flight arrives late in the evening, and then transit on via boat or plane to an island the following day – and do your test at 48 hours at your hotel. This of course, as with all travel in Fiji, assumes you are travelling with CFC approved operators. 

    Entering the Community

    • – Download the careFIJI app and keep Bluetooth turned on at all times. 
    • – Avoid low vaccination areas.  A map of these areas will be released closer to Fiji’s reopening. 

    Leaving Fiji

    • – You will need to record a negative test result in order to board your return flight to your home country. The type of test is dependent on your home Government’s requirements 

What are the Travel Requirements for visitors to Fiji from a country that is not listed as a Travel Partner?

  • Documented Proof:

    • – Have stayed in a Travel Partner country for at least 10 days before travel.  
    • – If  2 years or older, take a RT-PCR test 3 days prior to travel and test negative. 
    • – Have a confirmed 10-day booking with a Managed Quarantine Facility before boarding your flight Book here. 
    • – Travellers entering Fiji must have medical travel insurance, with international coverage that covers COVID-19 before travelling.


    • – If 18 years or older, be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before travel. 
    • – Currently Fiji recognises Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.
    • – Provide a digital vaccination certificate to certify that you are fully vaccinated. 

    Managed Hotel Quarantine Facility

    • – Spend 10 days in a Managed Hotel Quarantine Facility.   
    • – Guests may move around within the hotel premises and use its facilities. 
    • – Take a Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic Test on Day 4 and Day 8 of your stay 
    • – Clear Quarantine after 10 days with a negative test result. 

    Entering the Community

    • – Download the careFIJI app and keep Bluetooth turned on.  
    • – Avoid low vaccination areas where possible. A map of these areas will be released closer to Fiji’s reopening.

Can i transit through Fiji?

  • Yes, if you are transiting from one of Fiji’s Travel Partner countries and stay within the airport complex.  However, you’ll still need to have a valid ticket, be fully vaccinated and provide a negative COVID-19 test 3 days prior to travel. In-country conditions will also apply. Entry conditions for transits that require an overnight stay in a hotel are being discussed and will be updated here once confirmed. 

Do I need a covid-19 test to travel to Fiji? what if i have recovered from COVID-19?

  • Yes.  You will need to provide documented proof of a negative RT-PCR test no more than 3 days prior to travel for all travellers 12 years and above.However, if you tested positive within 90 days of your travel to Fiji, please provide: 
    • – proof of your initial positive result
    • – proof of your isolation period served by a credible institution.  

    If outside the 90 days, please provide a negative RT-PCR result

Can i bring my unvaccinated children?

  • Yes – if you are visiting Fiji on holiday and are fully vaccinated, your unvaccinated children (below 18 years old) are most welcome to join you on a fun-filled family holiday. Children below 18 years old may travel to Fiji unaccompanied if they are fully vaccinated. If your country does allow your children to be vaccinated, we highly recommend it.

How do i select a resort that i know will be safe?

  • All Care Fiji Commitment (CFC) Resorts have 100% fully vaccinated staff.  Look for the CFC logo on their listing on this website here. You can also ask your travel agent or provider to recommend a CFC resort when making your booking. Travellers to Fiji need to be able to demonstrate proof of a 3 night minimum stay in CFC accommodation – this is so that you can complete the 48 hour test requirement and use QR codes for checkin for any contract tracing required.

Will i have to quarantine when i go home?

  • This will depend on your country’s re-entry requirements. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with their requirements regarding quarantine and testing before you book travel.

Will staff that i come into contact with be vaccinated?

  • Yes. All businesses who have made the Care Fiji Commitment (CFC) are 100% fully vaccinated. Always look for the Care Fiji Commitment logo on their website or at the premises to know you’re as safe as possible.Find a list of Care Fiji Commitment businesses here

Is there contact tracing in Fiji?

  • Yes, all visitors are required to download the careFIJI app and keep the device Bluetooth turned on at all times. This also allows QR code check in at all businesses across Fiji.

Do i need Travel Insurance to travel to Fiji?

  • Travellers entering Fiji must have medical travel insurance, with international coverage that covers COVID-19 before travelling. If you or a family member tests positive for COVID-19 during your stay, appropriate insurance will be needed to cover costs related to room relocation and booking extensions, rebooking airline tickets and any associated medical costs.

What should i look our for when booking my travel Insurance?

  • Ensure you are clear on what is covered in your Travel Insurance policy.  Be clear on what countries are permitted/excluded and whether there is Cancellation coverage as well as Medical Coverage including pandemics as a stipulation.Multiple policies are available now that include these elements to varying degrees, so be sure to take note of what you have available to you.If you or a family member tests positive for COVID-19 during your stay, appropriate insurance will be needed to cover costs related to room relocation and booking extensions, rebooking airline tickets and any associated medical costs.

What are the medical Facilities like in Fiji?

  • Fiji’s health care system has made significant progress over the years with adequate public health care system, supported by growing and modern private health care providers. Public/private hospitals and pharmacies are present in all major towns and cities (e.g. Suva, Nadi, Lautoka, Sigatoka, Labasa, Savusavu) and smaller satellite health centres in more remote areas and outer islands. Private medical facilities are mostly situated in Suva and Nadi.  These private hospitals generally have 24-hr medical centres, general and specialist practitioners and comfortable in-patient facilities. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are also available onsite at several resorts, and provide excellent, world-class care through dedicated emergency nurses, paramedics and doctors if required. EMS is an accredited provider of emergency air, land and sea services, and has been in Fiji for over 20 years, providing peace of mind and emergency services for all kinds of medical issues, right through to medical evacuations if required. Read More.

What Happens if i feel unwell or test positive for COVID19 in Fiji?

  • If you’re staying at a Care Fiji Commitment (CFC) property, alert your resort’s Wellness Ambassador. They have plans and procedures in place that can help you isolate comfortably in your resort. They will put you in touch with the relevant medical authorities. The CFC provides the highest standard of health and safety to our visitors. This includes access to isolation facilities and medical care such as testing, routine staff swabbing, escalation protocols in the event of positive cases by private medical practitioners affiliated with the property. If you test positive for COVID-19 while in Fiji, national guidelines will determine further testing and you will need to do 10 days of isolation.  In that case, you will need to advise your travel insurer, rebook flights and amend accommodation. If symptoms progress, you may be treated in your room, or at dedicated medical facilities for further monitoring and care. Once you test negative, post the isolation stay, you will be free to return home. 

Will i need to wear a mask in Fiji and is there a curfew?

  • Yes.  Masks are required in crowded public space and in all indoor spaces at all times as per national law. Please also follow national health advisories and other measures by your resort’s Wellness Ambassadors If outside – going for a jog, walk, picnic or on a boat, you do not have to wear a mask, though it is still highly recommended as a form of protecting yourself and others. 
  • Currently there is a curfew in place between 11pm and 4am. If you are staying in a resort you must be in the resort during this time. In most cases resort facilities will stay open outside curfew hours.    

What if someone else at the resort has COVID19 Symptoms? will i get stuck there?

  • No, you won’t be stuck. You will only be required to isolate if you test positive yourself. However, if you are aware of someone who has tested positive, we highly recommend taking a test to confirm you are negative. In the event of a positive case in your hotel, contact tracing protocols would be followed and you are likely to be notified to take extra precautions.

Are there any movement restrictions for tourist in Fiji?

  • There are some restrictions to be aware of. Once you arrive, we ask that you use only CareFiji Commitment tourism operators and experiences within Safe Travel areas where there is high vaccination coverage. Everyone you interact with in the tourism industry will be fully vaccinated, from fellow guests to hotel staff and tour operators. Fiji requires that all visitors take a Rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test 48-hours after their arrival in Fiji. You can move between hotels or islands before then – always sticking to CFC certified and approved operators – and take the 48-hour test wherever you are staying at the time. For your safety and that of others, we encourage you to avoid travelling to low vaccination zones. A map outlining these low vaccination areas will be published closer to Fiji’s December reopening. Typically these are smaller villages and not in main tourist areas.

Can i visit multiple islands when in Fiji? Can i take day trips in Fiji? Am i able to visit villages?

  • Yes, provided that the islands you wish to travel to are not located in low vaccination zones, are open for travel and you travel with an approved CFC approved operator. You will need to take a Rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test 48-hours after your arrival in Fiji and this can be taken wherever you are staying at the time.
  • You may take day trips in Fiji, however, in compliance to safety protocols expected in Fiji, and avoid low vaccination zones. For the safest travel, tour with a Care Fiji Commitment approved business.
  • A number of villages throughout Fiji are 100% vaccinated and have worked with neighbouring hotels to follow protocols that keep everybody safe and ensure they have a good time. However, it is advisable in Fiji to seek permission first before entering any village, and to avoid any areas that are known low-vaccination areas.

What are the safe travel zones and low Vaccination areas?

  • Most of Fiji that tourists typically go to, is free to travel to, and is highly vaccinated. There are some areas, typically small villages, that have low rates of vaccination (<60%). These areas are changing all the time as vaccination rates consistently increase across Fiji.  A map outlining these areas will be available before travel commences. We ask tourists to avoid these areas in order to keep everyone safe. Using CareFiji Commitment operators ensures you will be interacting with staff that are 100% vaccinated.

What will happen if i breach a COVID19 saftey standard in Fiji

  • You could be fined up to FJD$10,000 or face up to 5 years imprisonment depending on the severity of the offence under the Public Health Act 1935. Make sure you wear a mask where appropriate and comply with physical distancing of 2metres. 

I need a test to return to my home country, is this available in Fiji? how much will it cost?

  • Selected clinics in Nadi and Suva will be able to issue you with a fast and convenient  negative RT-PCR test for your return while your hotel can assist you with taking Rapid tests. Depending on your country’s return requirements, you may need to be tested for COVID-19 before you fly home.  A rapid COVID-19 test costs approximately $35 FJD but some countries require an RT-PCR test which costs approximately $350 FJD.You can get a test done at the following locations: Dr Zen’s Clinics (various locations) Nasese Private Hospital (Suva) (679) 331-4450A process for in-house testing at hotel properties is being investigated and will be updated here once it is confirmed.

Can i fly from Fiji to another country that is not my home country?

  • Yes, providing you comply with any protocols in place for incoming travellers.

Can I fly to Fiji from a country that is not my home country?

  • Yes, providing you have spent 10 days in a Travel Partner country prior to your departure and you comply with all protocols in place for entering Fiji.